About Medobal Malawi

An Indian healthcare solution providing company, Medobal has come closer to South East Africa by opening an office in Malawi in partnership with Malawian business people as well as Malawi Society of Medical Doctors to offer direct access to expert surgeons in India through an affordable package that includes travel, Visa documentation, accommodation, translation, treatment, recovery and rehabilitation.

To Accomodate All Patients

Satisfied guests, the elimination of their health problems and guaranteed welfare are the objectives of the Medobal Malawi. The set goals are achieved by providing real and quality information in the shortest possible time, based on which the potential customer decides on visiting India, in pursuit of an appropriate destination for medical services.

We guarantee that all information is based on expert opinion of qualified medical personnel, so we eliminate uncertainties, fears and concerns which arise in the process of decision-making, planning and during medical journey itself.

We Offer High Quality Services

Knowledge of the destination cultural specifics, required procedures and quality of provided services is the key to a successful medical trip.

Medobal Malawi, which combines a renowned medical professionals and a team of committed tourism professionals is here to provide all required information before you decide for medical treatments. Demand the best when it comes to health.

Why Choose Medobal Malawi

Best Doctors

Choose from well-qualified & more experienced medical professionals across the globe.

Smart Savings

Choose from affordable medical packages for several treatments around the globe.

Quality Service

Choose from quality, advanced & international accredited hospitals across the globe.